Devi Sri Prasad USA Concert details


Indian film composer and pop singer Devi Sri Prasad has been thrilling both Tamil and Telugu-speaking audiences with his unique mix of music styles since the late ‘90s. Over the years Prasad has shaped the sound of numerous iconic Bollywood films, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources ranging from Indian classical music to Michael Jackson for timeless on-screen hits like “Nuvvostanante” and “Mellaga”. Whether he’s treating ticket buyers to a solo on his mandolin or getting audiences to dance along with him, Prasad is a consummate performer who never fails to dazzle on tour.


Devi Sri Prasad displayed an interest in music from an early age, composing original melodies for traditional Doha poems while attending elementary school in the Indian coastal city of Chennai. During his teens he scored his first hit with “Ey Unnoda”, a Tamil dance pop track that caught the eye of notable Indian film producer M.S. Raju and earned him his first scoring credit for Raju’s mythological film, Devi. Prasad’s score was a massive success with audiences, paving the way for his musical contributions to an impressive array of beloved Indian films including Anandam (2010), Manmadhudu (2002), and Arya (2004). Prasad continues to excite audiences around the world with rousing can’t-miss performances.

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